By Damien Barban, Illustrator and storyboard artist

CLIP STUDIO PAINT: How to draw a warrior face

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Course description

In this course, you will see the creation of a character from A to B with these three steps: sketching-inking-coloring. You will get all the valuable tips to create your own character based on these three steps. You will see the creation of the character with the explanations going with every things done like the layers, the brushes and the use of these brushes.

Course overview - 6

  • Starting with the sketching

  • Starting the inking

  • Completing the inking

  • Inking, additional tips

  • Coloring

  • Final steps

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Damien Barban
Damien BarbanIllustrator and storyboard artist
Illustrator and storyboard artist for 17 years, I'm now teaching online to share my knowledge to people from all over the world with more than 30.000 people who already signed-up for my courses. I'm teaching graphic art, illustration and creative softwares as well as comicbook !