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Cinematography Masterclass: The Complete Videography Guide

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9 Steps to Setup, Light, Record Audio & Shoot Your Videos Like a Filmmaking Pro

Do you want your videos to be better looking, sounding, creative, shareable, engaging, and impressive to watch? Are you wanting to get the most out of shooting on your smartphone, DSLR, or mirrorless camera? Perfect! You've made it to the right video production course! By the end of this course, you'll have the skillset and film school level understanding of: 1. First Hand Film Set Experience To begin, you'll join me on the set of a high end client shoot to see a behind the scenes look at how the video production process really works. These lessons are packed with key filmmaking fundamentals and concepts for the rest of the course material to build on top of. •    Set up and choose the best way to shoot your specific video •    Main steps to film a cooler looking and cinematic project •    Cinematography and composition fundamentals •    Techniques to maximize your location and time while shooting •    Creatively use your lenses, surrounding, and camera 2. Get the Most Out of Your Camera Settings Getting great looking shots first starts with getting your camera set up properly. Here, you'll get crystal clear on how to set your camera's functions, settings, and parameters. These foundational learning lessons will give you the confidence to get out and start shooting. •   Learn how to effectively use all of the functions and settings on your camera •   Get the perfect exposure with ISO, shutter speed, and aperture •   Create a great looking image with white balance and frame rate •   Use picture profile and focal length for your specific shooting style •   Utilize your camera's latitude and dynamic range 3. Light and Shoot Your Scenes Like a Pro Now that you have a rock solid understanding of your camera, here's where we'll use lighting and video production techniques to make your videos shine. These hands-on lessons will give you the tools to create stunning looking images using natural or artificial lighting. •   Use colored gels, practicals, exposure contrast, your outfit and location choice like a pro •   Make yourself look great on-camera with the right lens choice and proper lighting •   Learn the most essential framing, cinematography, and composition techniques •   Get that "cinematic filmmaking look" for your own personal video setup •   2 point, 3 point, rim light, natural light, high key and low key lighting 4. Record Crystal Clear Sounding Audio You've worked alongside me to massively upgrade and improve all things visual, now it's time to talk audio. In this section, we dive into different microphone types, recording environments, audio hacks, and getting the absolute best sounding audio quality possible. •   Set your shoot up for crystal clear sounding audio and great sound dynamics •   Learn how top filmmakers get rid of echoes, buzzing, distortions, pops, and hums •   DIY set up to get great sounding vocals for your videos or podcasts at home •   Top audio recording techniques for video creators and filmmakers •   Audio hacks and which mics to use for different filming situations 5. Create Next Level Vids with B-roll and Cutaway Shots In this step, you're going to walk away with advanced techniques that experienced video creators use to create exciting and engaging videos. This process will allow you to utilize more advanced film techniques in a way that is fun and easy to use regardless of skill level. •   Film a more professional looking video using shot types different cinematography techniques •   Effectively use coverage to set yourself up for success in the editing process •   Get a filmmaker understanding of the purpose and use of each shot type •   Create a more dynamic final product with framing and multiple angles •   How to use the 180 degree rule, rule of thirds, and frame balancing 6. Get That Cinematic Look with Camera Movement This is one of my favorite parts of the course, creating cinematic shots with camera movement! There's a reason why it's called "motion picture." Here we take a deep dive into how, when, and why to use different movements to create cinematic looking videos. •   Learn the ideal focal length, movement, frame rate, and composition choices for your project •   Get incredible looking and feeling shots using top video production techniques •   Use the same types of camera movement that you see in feature films •   Learn how movement direction, quality, and speed effect your audience •   Bring an overall filmmaking look and style to your videos 7. Make Your Shot List and Film Your Epic Montage Once you learn these shot list techniques, you won't go back to shooting important projects without one (trust me)! In this hands-on section, you're going to envision, outline, and shoot the type of montage that turns an ordinary project into an extraordinary project. •  Synthesize all the video production techniques learned into your final course video project •  Step by step guide to knocking out your list of specific shots in the best way possible •  In-camera transitions, filmmaking tricks, and how to make an impactful ending shot •  Essentials to create an organized and practical shot list for all future projects •  Cinematography tips and tricks to make your videos stand out 8. Expert Guest Speakers and Video Production Keys to Success Here you sit down with me and 3 expert guest speakers that have spent years working as successful full-time filmmakers. These lessons will give you the insights, actionable takeaways, and inspiration that will add some extra creative fuel to the skills you've gained in this course! •  Bonus tools and ways to continue getting better shots after graduating this course •  Top pro's and con's of today's most frequently used camera equipment •  Lens choice, equipment, and tips for properly choosing your video gear •  How to continue to make the most out of your skillset and equipment •  Motivation, progress, growth, and success as a video creator 9. Course Bonuses and Progressing Beyond this Course You've made it! We worked together to build your skillset through each section and then in the last step, we combined the whole process into your very own crystal clear looking and sounding final product. Now it's time for you to go out their and continue to create videos you love! •  Synthesize, recap, and review all of the lessons learned in the course •  Integrate the tools and know how to continue to improve and grow •  Accept my course challenge to start your new series or project •  And much more My biggest goal for you: The goal of this course is to give you all the knowledge and techniques that I've gained from 10+ years in the film industry (working with clients like Red Bull, Taco Bell, and Discovery Channel) in a way that is fun to learn and easy to understand. Shooting better videos no matter what: Whether you're shooting Instagram videos, YouTube videos, short films, music videos, documentaries, videos for professional clients, personal projects, on a smartphone or camera... The actionable takeaways from this course will benefit you regardless of your equipment or budget.

•   81 Individual video lessons •   6 Hours of learning content •   8 Downloadable resources •   6 Detailed case studies •   4 Bonus video lectures •   3 Course Articles •   12 Hands-on lessons •   10 Interactive exercises •   3 Expert guest speakers •   40 Gigabytes of streamable content •   Updates to all future course materials •   One on one with me in the chat on Grinfer platform

Who this course is for:

- YouTubers, Instagramers, Tik Tokers, Videographers, Aspiring Filmmakers, Online Content Creators, Artists and Photographers - Someone wanting a film school level understanding about cinematography and video production without paying thousands of dollars

If you want to learn the tools to shoot videos that you're proud of, this is the course for you. I'll see you inside! Julian

Course overview - 81

  • Section 1: What You'll Learn in this Course

  • Learning Exercise - Lighting and Shooting 101 VCM

  • Section 2: Film Set Experience. Cinematography, Lenses, Lighting, and More

  • On Set: Camera Movement and Essential Cinematography Techniques

  • On Set: Camera Lens Choice, Composition, and Framing

  • On Set: Make Better Video Edits with These Videography Techniques

  • Overview of the Filmmaking and Video Production Techniques We Learned on Set

  • Get the Most Out of Your Smartphone

  • Videography Pro’s and Con’s of GoPro/Action Cameras

  • Hack for Great Looking DSLR and Mirrorless Footage

  • Learning Exercise: Film Your Practice Shot with Upgraded Videography Techniques

  • Section 3: Maximize Your Video Settings

  • Tips For Smartphone Shooters

  • Nail Your DSLR and Camera Exposure and ISO Levels

  • Shutter Speed Fundamentals for DSLR and Other Cameras

  • Hands On: Shutter Speed In-Depth

  • Synthesizing Your Framerate, ISO, and Shutterspeed Settings

  • Video Quiz: Your Camera Latitude and Dynamic Range

  • Hands On: Picture Profile and My Personal Favorite Settings

  • Use The Correct White Balance Settings

  • Section 4: Camera Essentials for Great Looking Video

  • Case Study: Understand Focus Length

  • Case Study: Key Differences of Frame Rates

  • Camera Settings Activity Introduction

  • Learning Exercise: ISO and White Balance

  • Learning Exercise: Using Focal Length to Enhance Your Shot

  • Learning Exercise: Using Depth of Field to Create a More Cinematic Image

  • Section 5: Studio Setup. Video Lightning, Settings, Lens, Framing, Practicals, Colored Gels

  • Hands On: Rule of Thirds, Composition, and Focal Length with Studio Lighting

  • Hands On: High Key, Low Key, and Rim Lighting in a Studio

  • Hands On: Upgrade Your Video Production Level with "Practicals" in a Studio

  • Hands On: Effect of Color Gels on Your Studio Lighting

  • Section 6: Natural Light Setup. Background, Framing, Lighting, Settings, Lens, Practicals

  • Hands On: Initial Set Up and Camera Specifics Using Natural Light

  • Hands On: Optimize Your Background and Apeture with Natural Light

  • Hands On: Proper Framing, Focal Length, and Distance with Natural Light

  • Filmmaking Summary of Studio and Natural Light Setups

  • Learning Exercise: Film Your Talking Scene with New Videography Techniques

  • Section 7: One on One. Getting Cinematic Shots with Any Camera

  • Case Study: Breakdown of Cinematic iPhone Filmmaking Project with Hunter

  • Case Study: Create Videos that are Shareable and Unique with Hunter

  • Section 8: Get Crystal Clear Audio and Microphone Essentials

  • Walkthrough: Audio Production and Sound Dynamics in your Environment

  • How To: DIY for Capturing the Best Sound

  • Audio Production: 3 Ways to Remove Noise Makers from Your Shoot

  • Hands On: Auto vs. Manual Audio Settings

  • Behind the Scenes: Explanation of my DIY Setup

  • Demonstration: Create a Great Voiceover (Lavalier vs. Shotgun Mic)

  • Audio Production: Smartphone Audio Hack

  • Learning Exercise: Record Your Crystal Clear Audio

  • Section 9: Using B-roll and Cutaway Shots to Upgrade Your Video

  • Videography: Essentials of B-roll and Video Coverage

  • Videography: Importance of Using Multiple Shot Types

  • Videography: Shot Types and Framing In-Depth

  • Additional Learning: Framing Analysis and Shooting with Multiple Cameras

  • Additional Learning: The 180 Degree Rule and Frame Balancing

  • Videography: Using Cutaways and Shot Types Recap

  • Section 10: Upgrade Your Videos with Camera Movement

  • Cinematography: In-Depth Analysis of Camera Movement

  • Cinematography: How Speed of Camera Movement Effects Your Video Production

  • Cinematography: Synthesizing Your Filmmaking and Camera Techniques Introduction

  • Hands On: Shoot Your Montage with Upgraded Filmmaking and Videography Techniques

  • Learning Exercise: Create Your Own Awesome Montage

  • Section 11: Create a Shot List and an Exciting Video Montage

  • Learning Exercise: Create Your Shot List

  • Optimize Your DSLR and Camera Settings to Shoot Your Montage

  • Hands On: Main Cinematography Techniques to Film What's on Your Shot List

  • Hands On: Camera Movement and Enhancing Your Montage

  • Hands On: In-Camera Transitions and Create an Impactful Ending Shot

  • Learning Exercise: Shoot Your Epic B-roll

  • Section 12: Lenses, Cameras, and Audio Equipment

  • Advice from an Expert: Entry Level Videography Equipment with Luis

  • Advice from an Expert: Pro's and Con's of Different Types of Gear with Luis

  • Advice from an Expert: Camera Lens Specifics, Choices, and Advice with Luis

  • Advice from an Expert: Motivation, Progress, and Success as a Video Creator

  • Section 13: Course Recap and What's Next

  • Extra Lesson Bonus: Shoot Better Looking Laptop Videos

  • Extra Lesson Advice: Introduction and Camera Talk with Vlatz

  • Extra Lesson Advice: Equipment vs. Skill and Maximizing What You Have with Vlatz

  • Extra Lesson Advice: Videography Progress and Giving it Your All with Vlatz

  • Course Bloopers

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