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By Anass Cherkaoui, Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Character Rigging - Advanced Hand Rigging

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Course description

Interested in the world of 3D Animation, Character Rigging and 3D Rigging but don't know how and where to start? Then this course is for you. Want to take your rigs beyond the basics and create something that you'll be very proud of? I have good news for you. My name is Anass Cherkaoui and I will be very glad to assist you and walk you step by step into the most entertaining field in the world. With every lesson, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding about 3D Rigging and the various tools and techniques you can use to create advanced and flexible hand rigs that work more efficiently and that respond to the needs of every 3D shot you intend to animate. This course is full of fun and excitement while at the same time delivering high quality content that's applicable to every other 3D software besides Autodesk 3ds Max. It's structured as follows: Chapter 01: Getting Started Chapter 02: Creating Bone Objects Chapter 03: Building a Knuckle System Chapter 04: Building a Twist System For the Forearm Chapter 05: Creating Animation Controls Chapter 06: Skinning the Hand Chapter 07: Building an IKFK System For the Hand Chapter 08: Finalizing the Rig Assignment Conclusion Bonus Chapter: More About Skinning Furthermore, the course comes with an assignment at the end, so not only will you build an advanced hand rig, but you will also get your hands-on practice what you have acquired in this course throught Rigging your own 3D hand models. And as a gift from me to you, I will include a bonus chapter that talks about skinning and how to efficiently skin your hand model for the best results, and to make sure your rig  has all what you need to get the performance you're looking after. So, What are you waiting for? I can't wait to start this amazing journey with you. Let me help you build the necessary skills to start creating your own rigs TODAY.

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  • Course Overview

  • About the Class Project

  • 01-01 Getting Familiar With 3ds Max's Interface

  • 01-02 Preparing the Hand for Rigging

  • 02-01 Creating the Primary bones for the Hand

  • 02-02 Fixing the Bones placement for More Realistic Articulation

  • 02-03 Adding Secondary Bones That Will Hold Volume

  • 02-04 Linking, Renaming and Freezing the Hand Bones

  • 03-01 Start Working on the Knuckle System

  • 03-02 Creating the Expose Nodes that Will Drive the Knuckle System

  • 03-03 Adding Expose Nodes For the Remaining Fingers

  • 03-04 Finishing the Knuckle System

  • 04-01 Start Working on the Twist System

  • 04-02 Finishing the Twist System with an Overview About the Importance of Rotation Axis Order

  • 05-01 Creating the Global Control

  • 05-02 Controlling the Forearm And the Wrist

  • 06-01 Skinning the Hand

  • 07-01 Start Working on the IKFK System

  • 07-02 Adding IKFK Chains For the Remaining Fingers

  • 07-03 Finishing our IKFK System

  • 07-04 Creating IK Controls

  • 07-05 Creating FK Controls

  • 07-06 Completing our FK Controls

  • 08-01 Optimizing the Rig

  • 09-01 Hints About Skinning

  • Assignment

  • Conclusion

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