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By Michelle Tabares, Illustrator and Cartoonist

Character Design: Writing and Designing More Memorable Characters

Language: English
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Course description

Character design can be tough. Creating characters that are memorable and resonate with an audience in a lasting and genuine way can be even tougher. But there's good news; this class is specially designed to demystify what makes a character unforgettable and gives you practical advice on how to make your fictional characters worthy of remembering for years to come.

This class is visually oriented and made with cartoonists, illustrators and animators in mind, we will also be covering the writing aspects of how to write a memorable character. Cool looking characters are great, but you also need to have a character that feels, thinks and to some degree resembles a real person.

This class includes will not only cover the concept behind creating great characters, but will also give you concrete steps that you can take to move forward. I'll show you a visualization exercise to help you imagine your character's daily life, how to write a character brief, compile a character biography and more!

Join me on this character creation journey, I can't wait to start making some amazing characters with you.

All music in this lesson is courtesy of DJ Quads: https://soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads

Course overview - 11

  • What Makes a Character Memorable?

  • The Most ____ Character

  • Collecting and Analyzing Reference Images

  • Writing a Character Brief

  • Rough Exploration Sketches

  • Shape Based Design

  • Clothing Design and Costuming

  • Memorable Posing

  • Drawing Your Character

  • Assignment: Creating a Character Biography

  • Closing Thoughts

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Michelle Tabares
Michelle TabaresIllustrator and Cartoonist
I've studied a variety of different creative disciplines ranging from graphic design, creative writing and drawing, but at this time I mostly focus on comics and illustration at the classes you'll see from me are a reflection of that. I'm a big believer in harnessing inspiration from a variety of sources and in the importance of trying new things and pushing yourself artistically. The two things I love most about teaching others is how much I end up learning in the process and the other is the rewarding feeling that comes from helping other artists grow creatively. Non-art things I love with an undying passion include; drinking tea, absurdist humor, taking long walks, thrifting, caring for plants and sharing cute kitten photos with people I love.