Calling in Your Soulmate with the Law of Attraction

By Debbie Parker, PhD in Counseling Psychology

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Do you find yourself in bad relationship after bad relationship, wondering why?  You're a good person.  Why can't you find "the one"?  This course is about developing a relationship with YOU to prepare you to call in your soulmate.  I walk you through the specific steps to become prepared for an incredible relationship with your soulmate.  This process is unique in that we explore happiness, forgiveness & letting go of the past, NLP anchoring to elicit positive feelings anytime you want or need to feel good, defining exactly what you want in a mate, and creative visualization and guided meditation audios.  This course is a deep dive into manifesting true love over the span of 8 weeks or so.  There is a workbook with specific exercises to apply the principles presented in the lessons.  The process dictates the outcome... follow the process, and your outcome is LOVE.  This journey is only for those who are ready to put their manifesting to work with serious effort and focus.

You want to call in your mate… that’s great!   I can show you how to do that, but first I’m going to ask you to work on your relationship with YOU.  Being ready for a solid, healthy relationship is one of the most important factors.  You may think you’re ready because you want to have a great relationship, but that doesn’t mean that you’re energetically ready.  You have to be energetically free… but what does it mean to be energetically free?  The simple answer is that you have to give up your emotional baggage.  Everyone has it at some point in our lives, but this emotional baggage destroys what could be a good relationship.  People tend to allow this emotional baggage to “run the relationship” rather than simply enjoying the interaction with your significant other.  We’ll get more into that soon.  The majority of this program involves working on your own relationship with YOU so that you go into the last part with a fresh perspective on a lot of things.  It’s important that you really dig in and then let go of old thought processes that do you no good.  Let’s start on becoming energetically free to give and receive.    Please take your time in going through each module.  The idea is to focus on transforming emotional baggage into positive thought processes.  In order to be happy with someone else, you have to be happy by yourself being yourself.  Happiness is something to be shared with another.  If you spend your time trying to “make” someone else happy, you’ll be disappointed in the end.  It should one week to complete and revisit each of the modules.  These modules are designed to be visited and resisted throughout an entire week.  Please avoid jumping

** PLEASE NOTE: NEVER listen to audio files while driving or doing anything that requires your attention.  The background music in my anchoring and manifesting audio files promotes brainwave synchronization, or brainwave entrainment.  People who have epilepsy, heart arrhythmia, or a pacemaker should not utilize this music unless they speak to their doctor first.  I have included audio files with the binaural beats and without background music with binaural beats.  The files are labeled with no music or with Binaural Beats so that you can choose which is right for you.  The background music on my modules do not contain Binaural Beats.    If you have questions, I would love to hear from you!  When you have breakthroughs, I want to hear about it!    Dr. Debbie Parker Certified Law of Attraction Coach Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Certified CORE Success Coach

Course overview - 10

  • Your relationship with YOU: Defining Happiness

  • Becoming Energetically Free

  • Letting Go of the Past

  • Action Steps

  • Mindfulness

  • Gratefulness

  • Acts of Kindness

  • Sustaining a Positive Mindset

  • Defining Exactly What You Want in a Mate

  • Applying the Law of Attraction

Meet your instructor

Debbie Parker
Debbie ParkerPhD in Counseling Psychology
I hold a MA and PhD in Psychology. I’m a certified hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Law of Attraction Life Coach. Over the past 2 decades I have worked with a variety of clients (adults and children) who have experienced childhood trauma. Through the process, I have learned that due to early life experiences we develop a core message. That core message, positive or negative, becomes the driving force in our lives. It determines how we interact and build relationship with others. I have come to understand that most people develop the core message, “I’m not good enough.” As a result, I have taken several research and evidence-based techniques and combined them with Law of Attraction principles. If you’ve attempted to use LOA and been left with the feeling that LOA doesn’t work for you, it’s not your fault. You simply have not been provided with all of the information needed to be successful. LOA works whether you think about it or not.