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By Kristof Kolodzinski, Sales Trainer Career Strategist L&D Manager

Business Networking - Brings Results & Valuable Connections

Learn the key strategies for people of all levels to network successfully this free online networking skills course.
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Business Networking - Brings Results & Valuable Connections

What you will learn

  • How to network with a purpose on mind! The ability to build relationships and utilise negotiation skills within and across organisations is key for every workplace
  • Business Networking

Course description

This networking skills course will teach you about the secrets of great networkers, and how you can improve your likeability. Networking has changed a lot in the last few years. Learn how to enjoy networking, make others feel at ease talking to you, how to enter and exit a group of people, and how to build meaningful connections. In this course, you will learn also how to get solid contacts for personal and business-related endeavours as well as study powerful networking strategies that will help you to achieve success. Participants will also be encouraged to develop the correct behaviours and attitudes to help build their visibility and credibility through networking so that they develop strong working relationships that last. Networking is an important and valuable business activity. Learn three easy to expand your professional contacts and start business networking to make the greatest impact on your business. In today’s global arena, the ability to collaborate effectively with others is an essential competency for professionals. Mastering the listening and communication skills involved requires an investment in learning and practice. The benefits include building a rich personal network to support your personal and professional objectives, leveraging the resources and talent of teams, and establishing understanding and trust that translates into productive working relationships.

What you will lean: 

- How to network with a purpose on mind! The ability to build relationships and utilise negotiation skills within and across organisations is key for every workplace

- Business Networking

Who is this course for:

- This course is for entrepreneurs, business professionals, service professionals, network marketers' and anyone that attends networking events - These business networking training course materials are aimed at helping participants develop their business or career. They will help ensure they have the skills, knowledge and techniques to develop a joined-up networking strategy that gets them the outcomes they want.


  • A desire to improve your ability to grow a professional network and have fund with it!

Course overview - 16

  • Introduction

  • Benefits of Networking

  • Share your expertise

  • Key questions

  • Extra tips

  • The four steps of practical networking

  • How to approach anyone at networking events

  • What questions we should ask at networking events

  • Elevator Pitch

  • Story telling in business networking

  • Thank you for being part of the business networking course

  • Extras - Three types of networking

  • Extras - Six degrees of separation

  • Extras - Strategic Networking (Leadership)

  • Extras - Tips and Review

  • Support Files

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Meet your instructor

Kristof Kolodzinski
Kristof KolodzinskiSales Trainer Career Strategist L&D Manager
When I was looking for the best description of what I do, I came across Mother Teresa's quote “It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.” I could not have captured that better! I'm a law graduate, now a certified coach, trainer and learning & development professional immersed in creative communication. I'm passionate about helping professionals and companies to become more creative, effective and meaningful. Inspired by top professionals, like Simon Sinek, Tony Robbins or Stephen R. Covey, I have designed a customised system to get the results faster, easier with one aim - fulfilling professional and personal development. I believe growth is a patiently adjusted strategy that leads us closer to our purpose as human beings. I train business teams to make more sales and young professionals to get better-paid jobs and internship experiences. Above all, I believe in the value and importance of communication in our professional and personal life. Not only how we communicate with others but also with ourselves. It is a vital component of success in business, sales, career strategy and work performance. My mentoring, training and webinar services help clients who struggle with finding a clear and simple system, to reach an expert level in their field the fastest way possible. Empowering business professionals is at the centre of my professional fulfilment. I've worn many hats in my career and, as a result, I have accrued developed a unique insight and ability to understand and deliver value to any industry with multi-disciplinary projects. My professional value can be summarised by, but is not limited to, the following: ✅ Improve your efficiency and effectiveness, both individually and within your organisation ✅ Develop a clear strategy to improve your business and employees’ performance ✅ Identify those areas where the need for improvement and training is required in your organisation ✅ Build and develop a sales strategy for you or your business, utilising the most effective methods ✅ Train and coach people in the latest techniques and best practices for managing, measuring and analysing performance If you'd like to work with me or hire me to speak at your event, SCHEDULE A CALL WITH ME TODAY. If I can't be of service, I may know others who can meet your needs. Do not hesitate to connect with me and let me know how I can help. I look forward to speaking with you. #KristofK #L&D #careerstrategy #interview #internship #internshiponline #salestraining