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Business English: write emails like a native

Language: English
Business English: write emails like a nativeBusiness English: write emails like a native

This Course is for You

3 hours 25 minutes

of video/audio content


Downloadable attachments

45 minutes

of reading content

Get key expressions & vocabulary to clearly and effectively write business emails. Improve Your Writing Skills fast!

Target audience

- Non-native speakers of English who want to study and learn language for emailing

- Anyone who wants to improve their email writing skills for work and business or for general

- People who need a reference tool to quickly find and use the most suitable emailing language

- Very useful course for those who are learning and studying English and just want to get better


- A minimum of a pre-intermediate level of English in reading and listening is recommended


- Quickly get the key expressions and language so that you can clearly and effectively write business emails. You will study, practice and use the language function expressions

- Learn language for the most commonly used language functions

- Understand the meaning, grammar form and use of key language

- Find the key language in 36 different emails

- Learn and study the language expressions and phrases

- Practice the language in different kinds of exercises

- Read different situation scenarios and write your own emails

- Compare your own emails with examples given

- Review what you have learnt at the end of the course to help you consolidate

- Quiz that lets you find out how knowledgeable you are for the emailing language covered in the course


- Clear and concise video content that gets immediately to the key language and vocabulary that you need to be able to email quickly, accurately and confidently

- Each main video section is 10 to 15 minutes in length

- Effective and reliable learning approach used that makes learning easy and fast! Understand, find, practice, use and revise

- Twelve course videos that cover the main language functions for emailing

- Additional review video section

- Course booklet (.pdf) included that contains course information and a syllabus for a suggested pacing.

- Course workbook (.pdf) also included that is for you to write your sentences, emails and notes in

- Gap-fill exercise handout (.pdf) with email examples featured from the videos

- Quiz comes in four parts and three separate videos

Course outcomes

- Improve your writing skills fast!

- Quickly improve your skills and knowledge of the most important and common emailing language.

- Increase your accuracy with writing emails

- Build your confidence by effectively communicating with colleagues and customers

Course Overview

  • 1. Welcome

  • 2. Informing

  • 3. Referring to an Email Attachment

  • 4. Requesting

  • 5. Offering

  • 6. Enquiring

  • 7. Suggesting

  • 8. Recommending

  • 9. Confirming

  • 10. Giving Bad or Unfortunate News

  • 11. Apologising

  • 12. Agreeing

  • 13. Promising Action

  • 14. Review

  • 15. Quiz - Part 1

  • 16. Quiz - Part 2

  • 17. Quiz - Part 3

  • 18. Course booklet

  • 19. Course workbook

  • 20. Emailing Situations