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By Eleftherios Psitopoulos, Frontend developer

Building mobile apps with react native - from zero to almost hero

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Ever wanted to create your own mobile application but never knew how? Gone are the days when in order to build mobile apps for Android and iOS you had to learn different programming languages and tools. Here comes React Native, a framework built by facebook, and used to create apps like Uber, instagram and shortly, you. The best part, you only need to know JavaScript to get started. In this course, we will use React Native with Expo, a framework that simplifies building mobile apps even more. We will go through some basic React concepts and by the end of the course, we will build a simple weather application using an open source API, ready to be built and distributed on the stores both for iOS and Android. In order to keep this course simple to follow along, we will only cover the surface. My purpose is to help you get started and build a foundation, instead of teaching you every single bit of react native. Such course would require multiple hours. Ideally, you should have some background in JavaScript, otherwise it will be hard to follow along.

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Course overview - 8

  • Tools installation

  • Bootstrap mobile app

  • React concepts

  • The search bar

  • Search results

  • Networking

  • Weather items

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Eleftherios Psitopoulos
Eleftherios PsitopoulosFrontend developer
Hey there I'm Lefteris, a senior frontend developer working for trivago. I've been fascinated by programming since I was 14, but since 2014 I'm working as a frontend developer, first as a contractor, and later on, joined some awesome teams in companies. I have a huge curiosity and am always trying out new things. Not only in software engineering, but in music, video production, and many other things. I sometimes upload videos on YouTube and whenever I have a topic I'm very interested in, I like teaching it to others. Here, I will be working on various classes, from programming, to how to elevate your career, increase your productivity and many more. Make sure to follow me and be notified whenever a new class is published. If there is something you may want to learn, make sure to message me and I will happily see if I can help you or even create a class here.