By Oleksandr Kocherhin, Web developer with 12 years of experience

Building a Production E-Commerce with React / Redux

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Course description

In this course we will build a production E-Commerce shop of mobile phones using React and Redux. This course is fully focused on fast and deep dive into creation of real application with React and Redux. We will start from scratch and step by step you will get close to finished real application. You will deeply understand how to structure your application, build reusable and understandable React component split code into smaller chunks of code. We will write code together in more functional way to make it pure and avoid data complexity. For each lesson you'll get source code is two states: before and after completing the lesson, so it's easy to see the progress and get a working app on any lesson you want.

What you will learn in this course:

- Structure and configure project - Write high quality code with React and Redux on real project - Create reusable selectors and components - Decouple API layer from actions - Use Ramda library for comfortable data transformations - Getting data from API

If you are feeling like you learned React and Redux but you still can't use it effectively or build your own real application this course is what you need. This course is fully focused on creating the application without getting deep into basic knowledge of React and Redux!

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Course overview - 17

  • Introduction

  • Setting up boilerplate

  • Configuring project

  • Loading data for phones page

  • Preparing data for phones page

  • Rendering phones page

  • Implementing pagination

  • Preparing data for product page

  • Rendering product page

  • Adding basket to all pages

  • Adding phones search

  • Preparing data for categories

  • Rendering categories

  • Preparing basket data

  • Adding actions to basket

  • Fetching data from api

  • Homework

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