By Quentin Watt, Full Stack Developer

Build your first React App

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What you will learn

  • How to use Create React App to spin up a new application
  • Build your first component
  • The difference between function components and class components
  • Building components with Tailwind CSS
  • Send an HTTP request to an endpoint to collect json data
  • Create your own React Hook

Course description

A guide to starting your first React app, this tutorial series will teach you everything you need to know to start building React applications. We'll cover building your first components using Props, and State. We'll also build a functional mobile menu, with seperate app pages and even fetch data from an external API.


  • Basic JavaScript knowledge
  • Knowledge of NPM and Yarn

Related Skills

Course overview - 13

  • Introduction to React

  • Create React App Explained

  • Building React Components

  • Using State Hooks

  • Add a CSS framework to your React App

  • Building a mobile menu with hooks

  • Animating the mobile menu

  • Create pages with React Router

  • Fetching data from an API

  • Improved the UI while fetching data

  • Fetching and displaying a list of products

  • Custom React Hooks

  • Final Lesson

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