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Build Resilience With An Adaptive Mindset

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Course description

It’s no secret that our thoughts and perspectives can influence our life outcomes. Are you wondering how to reach your potential and improve your quality of life by shifting your mindset? Are you keen to learn how research shows you can build resilience? How meditation can improve your thought patterns? This course is a practical training programme that covers how an adaptive mind makes for a more resilient person. We’ll equip you with the tools and techniques to foster an adaptive mindset, as well as provide you with the theory and science behind how they work. The course has been designed for anyone looking to reach their potential and improve their quality of life by shifting their mindset. It teaches how to build resilience and highlights how meditation can improve thought processes. It covers how an adaptive mind makes for a more resilient person, and how you can implement this in your life to succeed in your career, in relationships and with your personal goals. Additionally, it provides guidance for how an adaptive mind can be implemented in anyone's life to succeed in relationships, career goals and personal goals. The goal of this course is for you to complete it with a greater understanding of how your mind works and how to evolve into a stronger, healthier, happier person.

What You Will Learn

Through a series of short video lectures and exercises, you’ll learn:

- How an adaptive mind is resilient and can improve outcomes in all areas of your life - How your brain functions when resilient - How to cultivate self-awareness and resilience - How to identify your barriers and limited thinking - How meditation, gratitude and resilience are interlinkedSome ancient philosophies that can guide us today - How to train your mind to be more optimistic

Who Is This Course For?

While it can benefit professionals at all levels and in all roles, this course is especially suited to professionals or individuals who want to: - Professionals who want to succeed in competitive environments where resilience and adaptability are key skills - Professionals who want to excel in the world of entrepreneurship - Individuals who wish to build on their knowledge that self-awareness is key when it comes to building the life they want - People who want to bounce back from difficulties and overcome challenges more efficiently - Individuals who are keen to challenge their own limiting thought patterns or beliefs and ready to tackle them head-on"

Related Skills

Course overview - 10

  • Section 1: Introduction to Resilience

  • Your Brain on Resilience

  • Low Resilience Versus High Resilience

  • Section 2: Cultivating Self-Awareness

  • Self-directed Learning

  • Section 3: Spiritual Growth

  • Mindfulness, Gratitude and Resilience

  • Section 4: Resilience from the Ancient World

  • Learned Optimism

  • Section 5: Conclusion

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