By Veronica Diko, Partnership Manager

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Course description

When you think about creating a course: 1. Do you picture the whole process as a huge and complicated project? 2. Do you think that the market is overwhelmed with similar courses and yours won’t be as interesting? 3. Do you tend to postpone real actions and keep thinking that you’ll create a course someday? 4. Are you tired of too many improvements that you constantly make in your course? 5. Do you feel trapped in a vicious circle of remaking your course again and again? 6. Does your mind freeze every time you think about the tech side? 7. Can’t choose the right platform to sell courses with? Does it make you feel like you want to give up?

We’ve noticed that many talented people get scared away. But don’t worry! We got your back and we’ll do the best we can to provide you with the best support. If you stick with us till the end of this challenge and follow closely the recommendations from our team members, as well as network with the like-minded members of the Grinfer community, you’ll achieve great results along the way.

Stay active, participate in this challenge and you will get a great number of bonuses! Here are just a few of them: 1. A community of like-minded people (we have created a Facebook group so you can support each other and also do some networking too) 2. Support from us every step of the way. You’ll have a mentor who’ll be taking good care of you and will answer any of your questions. 3. A step-by-step plan that will help you create your future course fast and easy 4. Basic and more advanced toolbox of recommended equipment so you’ll have plenty of tools to choose from and pick what works best for you! 5. Since we’re a rapidly growing online course marketplace, we can provide you with great opportunities that will get you involved in the world of online course business. For instance, you’ll be able to test and validate your idea on the Grinfer platform, get access to other experts’ content (for example, learn all ins and outs of recording of video lessons), special promo offers, and much much more! Sounds great?

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Course overview - 9

  • Introduction

  • Challenge Logistics

  • Module 1: Run into a great idea and shape it into a course

  • Module 2: Market research

  • Module 3: Figure out why YOUR course is unique

  • Module 4: Structure your course

  • Module 5: Record your lessons

  • Module 6: Big Launch

  • Module 7: The course is published. What's next?

Meet your instructor

Veronica Diko
Veronica DikoPartnership Manager
My name is Veronica, I’m a Partnership Manager at Grinfer. A big chunk of my work is about communication with people who create online courses, instructional designers, content makers, video makers, and so on. So, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to discuss all the different aspects of the course-building process. I’ve talked to eLearning consultants, educators, technicians, and industry professionals. Since I had a great chance to ask them a whole bunch of questions about their experience in eLearning, it helped me to put the pieces together, get some great tips from them, and see the clearest picture of what course creation is about. And I’m ready to share this knowledge with you!