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By Kia Orion, Artist + Educator


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Music Production for Beginners

How much time are you willing to waste learning music production?

One year? Five years? It took me 10 years to learn how to make beats I was proud of, which is 4X longer than it should have. How come? Because I had no structure.  I tried to learn on my own through random youtube tutorials and blogs I read online. I spun my wheels for years. And after teaching hundreds of students I know now why. The answer is simple: we think because the information is out there we can do it ourselves. But with the internet sending us new tutorials every other day it leaves us feeling even more confused than when we started. Do you learn about compression first? What plug-ins are best for mixing hip hop beats? How do you manipulate audio to chop better samples? I remember I had a million questions and couldn’t find the answers all in the same place. It took me years of trial-and-error, wasting time trying to learn concepts I thought I needed only to end up months later in the same spot. So what’s the alternative? After being frustrated with how confusing my own journey was learning music production I decided to do something about it...I created Beat School, an online academy that teaches the foundational elements of music production in a simple and effective way.

This course on hip-hop production is one of the beginner programs designed to help students gain an understanding of beat making with a step-by-step approach.

In this course you'll learn:

-How to easily warp, chop, and manipulate audio samples -A simple four-step process to build hip hop beats from scratch -How to mix and master your own tracks without having to pay an engineer -How to achieve the sound you want without wasting money on expensive gear -How to create banging beats with only stock plug-ins and free resources -How to design your own sound -How to make better decisions in terms of sample choice and sound design

My goal is simple: I am here to teach you a simple process to chop samples, warp audio, easily create drums patterns, mix, and make hip-hop beats that BANG. In this course I won’t overwhelm you with fancy software or advanced techniques. You’ll learn exactly what you need to get producing as fast as possible. In doing so, I have built what I believe is the most effective way to easily make boom bap beats.

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Course overview - 18

  • Welcome to Class!

  • Course Expectations & The Three Pillars of Learning

  • Working With Samples

  • Chopping The Sample

  • Making Your Melody

  • Intro To Drums

  • Drums That Knock

  • Intro To Bass

  • Crafting Your Bass

  • Intro To Textures

  • FX & Textures

  • Mixing, Mastering & Arrangement

  • Mixing Your Beat

  • Mastering

  • Tracking Out The Beat

  • Transitions & Spice

  • Bouncing The Stems

  • Thank You & More Resources For Beginners

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Meet your instructor

Kia Orion
Kia OrionArtist + Educator
A teacher who grinds just as hard as you do. I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music. I’m equally passionate about creating music as I am teaching it. With over 10+ years of experience I help music producers, songwriters, and rappers write better songs and make bangin beats. I created Beat School Online (www.beatschoolonline.com), an online music education platform, to help you avoid all the mistakes I made on this journey of music production and audio engineering. I've taught over 17,000 students and continue to create my own jams every week too. Let's make some music. KO