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Beyond Meditation: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation

By Milan'Z Courses, Executive Life Breakthrough Coach

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TRANScendent MEDITATION: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation method-How to quickly stay longer into meditation state, practically use mindfulness, and have positive results with your meditation today! "Beyond MEDITATION: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness Meditation " course is all about fast and tangible results that you can have today. This course is specially designed for: People who want to experience meditation benefits today, as if they are practicing meditation for several months People who have experience in meditation and would like to improve and take their practice to the next level ✅How to INSTANTLY have higher meditative states of mind and EXPERIENCE benefits of meditation during the course ✅QUICKLY enter meditation state and IMPROVE your mood whenever you desire ✅STAY LONGER in a meditative state of mind with NLP techniques and natural CONTROL and QUALITY of your visualizations ✅PRACTICALLY USE the knowledge in everyday life situations and have TANGIBLE RESULTS with your meditation TODAY ✅SAVE TIME with this ONE-TIME PROCESS and SOLUTIONS for most common problems in meditation practices ✅SELF-EXPLORATION beyond your conscious limits and BETTER RELATIONSHIP with your subconscious mind Transcendent Meditation newest reviews: ************************* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Even I've been reading a lot about this topic, this course is something that Milan presented in a different and original way. The approach is very interesting and it is possible to apply to multiple life fields. I recommend this course from the heart. Janja Dimitrijevic, September 2019 ************************* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ For anyone truly interested in meditation an applying in their life. I signed up for the ‘TM’ course and started yesterday. So far it is a great course and offers so much more than the basic courses. If interested check it out. It’s different! Alex, July 2019 ************************* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Milan creates excellent courses. This one is no exception. A journey I can recommend to anyone. James Steele, June 2019 ************************* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Another great service and an amazing product. The course is very interesting with a unique and modern approach to meditation. Milanzcourses you have a fan! Dasha Stark, June 2019 ************************* ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I have a stressful job and I think I finally find something that will help me. Affirmations that I discovered in this course are really working immediately. Meditating now is much easier and faster. Looking forward to using this technique. Thank you Jelena Klimenta, May 2019 TRANScendent MEDITATION: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness method This method combines three powerful methodologies of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, and Mindfulness to create this effective process, that you need to do only once and have a wonderful meditation practice. It is a very practical, time-saving process with simple steps, and NLP & Hypnosis techniques, to achieve a meditation state of mind whenever you desire. TRANScendent MEDITATION course offers you to have a very easy and flexible meditation practice because you are doing the process completely aware of all stages of your progress on your way to higher meditative states of mind. It is easy because you are focusing only on one thing, you are focusing on the steps of the process, and by doing that you are regulating your breathing, relaxing, and creating visualizations that are very effective for your future meditation practice. It is flexible because you don't have to set aside a special time and prepare the ideal conditions to meditate. TRANScendent MEDITATION course will take you on a journey. Step one, you will learn about problems in meditation and their solutions. Step two, you will learn how to direct your mind to do all the work for you during and after meditation. Step three, you will learn how to improve your meditation. Step four, you will do the process and experience meditation state of mind. Step five, you will learn how to use this knowledge in everyday life. Course content Welcome lesson: Welcome to the course TRANScendent MEDITATION where you will learn how to quickly have a higher meditative state of mind, enter meditation states whenever you desire, and spend more time in that beneficial state. Lesson 1 Common problems in meditation and Transcendent Meditation solutions: In this lecture choose at least one problem, above all, which solution would also make other problems go away. This will help you to focus on what is really important to you in this meditation course. Lack of time - One-time process Lack of discipline in continuity - Flexible time and no need for continuity Disturbance - You can do it without ideal conditions Concentration - Natural focus Being Impatiens - Instant results and benefits Being lazy - Let me do it for You Drowsiness - Uplifting and amusing Meditation posture - Any posture you like Overthinking, free associations, mind wondering - Natural doings of the mind Suggested or poorly chosen visualizations - We discover the best visualization within us Lesson 2 TRANScendent meditation questions: Maybe you are asking yourself at this moment, what questions have to do anything with meditation? Usually, we know, that we ask questions before meditation, so we can determine our intention and what we would like to achieve. We start meditating, focus our mind on specific activities like breathing, relaxation, visualization, with the intention to enter higher meditative states which are very good for us. And what if I tell you that all of these and much more than that, you can accomplish with a simple process of asking and using the right questions, how that sounds to you? Lesson 3 TRANScendent meditation loop: We will continue to discover new limits through the process and new places of our existence outside those limits until we reach that higher identification that is limitless and all-inclusive, what is in fact purpose in any meditation. Lesson 4 Demonstration of Transcendent Meditation process: In this lecture, you have a short demonstration of the transcendent meditation process with a new example from the starting question, over the transcendent loop, all the way to ending question for better understanding of Transcendent meditation process flow. Lesson 5 Doing the Transcendent Meditation process individually or with a partner: In this lesson, we will talk about doing the meditation process individually and also with a partner, from two perspectives, when you are assisting someone to meditate and when someone is assisting you to achieve the desired meditation state of mind and the benefits of each role. Lesson 6 Most powerful Affirmations creation with Transcendent Meditation: In this lecture, you will see differences between regular affirmations and affirmation that you are going to use in Transcendent meditation. By doing the process of Transcendent meditation you are already creating an affirmation that you are fully identified with, which means that your time to achieve some goal that you are moving toward will be much shorter. Lesson 7 Using NLP Submodalities for a better quality of your meditation visualizations: In this lesson, we are talking about our internal representations that appear not only during the process of meditation but also in your everyday activities. You will discover what is their coding system and how their qualities are determining the meaning of your internal representations during meditation. Lesson 8 NLP Stabilization of your inner world during meditation: After NLP submodalities, we are continuing in this lesson to talk about the method that you can help you experience your meditation visualizations and other internal representations during meditation in a better way. Lesson 9 Application of Benign attention in meditation practice: What is Benign attention? Benign as just a word can mean lots of positive things: harmless, kind, friendly, agreeable, sympathetic, compassionate, gentle, light. Mixing benign with the attention you can experience states like kindness, curiosity, interest, and overall all positive states of mind that you can use to observe, witness or just be aware of your internal representations, visualizations, and even everyday interactions. Have a meditation state of mind anywhere. Lesson 10 Grounding and exiting meditation state the way it makes you productive: Grounding ourselves after meditation is very important if the rest of the day is ahead of us and we want to function on the optimal level in order to accomplish our plans and intentions. Lesson 11 Starting points of meditation process for self-exploration beyond your known limits: In this lesson, you will find additional possibilities for your personal growth, self-discovery, and expanding your inner world. Lesson 12 Practically use meditation and mindfulness to improve every day of your life: Every one of us from time to time comes in a situation where we need a quick fix of our emotional state.  In this lesson, I will mention how you can use some of the parts of the meditation process in your everyday life, and how to maintain a highly positive level of your state and mood in which you can be more productive. Lesson 13 NLP Behavior secrets of peak performers: In this lecture, you will learn how to create rules for acting out meditative states trough physiology. This is a very interesting approach for using your higher meditative states. Lesson 14 Conclusion: This is the last module of the course TRANScendent MEDITATION: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness method-How to quickly stay longer into meditation state, practically use mindfulness and get results with your meditation today Lesson 15 BONUS Get more: CLARITY, AWARENESS, and FOCUS Have more: ENERGY, MOTIVATION, and ENTHUSIASM Increase: PROBLEM SOLVING, CREATIVITY and IMAGINATION Improve: WELL BEING, CALMNESS, and SELF-LOVING

Course overview - 20

  • Welcome to TRANScendent MEDITATION: NLP, Hypnosis & Mindfulness method

  • Module 1 Introduction

  • Common problems in meditation and Transcendent Meditation solutions

  • Module 2 Introduction

  • Lesson 1: TRANScendent questions

  • Lesson 2: TRANScendent loop

  • Lesson 3: Demonstration of Transcendent Meditation process

  • Lesson 4: Doing the Transcendent Meditation process individually or with partner

  • Module 3 Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Most powerful Affirmations creation with Transcendent Meditation

  • Lesson 2: Using Submodalities for better quality of your visualizations

  • Lesson 3: Stabilization of your inner world

  • Lesson 4: Benign attention

  • Lesson 5: Grounding and exiting meditation state the way it makes you productive

  • Module 4 Introduction

  • Lesson 1: Starting points of self exploration beyond your limits

  • Lesson 2: Practically use this knowledge to improve every day of your life

  • Lesson 3: Behavior secrets of peak performers

  • Module 5 Conclusion

  • BONUS Technique and BONUS Hypnotic audio lesson

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