By Soufiane El Alaoui, Certified CBT Practitioner & Life Coach

Becoming An Empathetic Leader

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Listening to understand. Not to reply.

Some people are just easier to talk to than others. As if something about them that makes it easier for us to open up. You probably know someone like that, who genuinely cares for others and understands them, who achieves a level of trust that nurtures their fulfilment. They’re the managers you deem to be actual leaders instead of petty tyrants, who are attentive to their subordinates’ needs, they’re the good friends you go to when you want to vent off your feelings or ask for an honest opinion. But what sets them apart from others? They’ve simply learnt to nurture their empathy. Empathy is a skill against which we've set many blocks we need to unlearn. Indeed, we've internalized unhealthy ways of listening and communicating, and made them into a new normal that nurtures feelings of disconnection and loneliness. So what's the alternative? With this training that is based on social psychology, transactional analysis and NLP, you will:

• Understand the common relationships dynamics that are unhealthy

• Learn about the listening and responding barriers that compromise our relationships

• Discover practical guideline to become an active listener

• Learn how to empathically manage your conflicts

• Learn how to avoid misunderstandings This course is built to be pragmatic and to the point. Come and discover it by yourself, you'll have access to 2.5h+ VOD as well as 6 comprehensive ebooks to enhance your learning experience Note: This course is not suitable for students who enrolled in my training A Practical Guide to Healthy Relationships


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  • An Empathic Way To Solve Conflict

  • Avoid Misunderstandings

  • [Bonus] Resolve Your Conflicts

  • Conclusion

  • Contact

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