By Vladimir Kartashov, Football Coach

Become a Professional Football (Soccer) Coach

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Course description

This is the Complete Step-by-Step Guide for Non-Professionals on how to become a Professional Football (Soccer) Coach. The first part of the course includes all of the following:

• FIFA Structure • Coach Salaries at different tiers • UEFA Coaching Licenses • Sports Degree: Sports Management vs Sports Science • Overview of Football-Specific Performance Components

In the second part, we will go into details and cover the following topics: • Football Coaching Methodologies • Tactical Peridiodization and its Principles • Leadership and Communication • References for further reading

The course is considered to be short, clear, and concise. There is no prior sport and football-specific knowledge required as the information is processed and presented in an easily understandable way.

Course overview - 13

  • Introduction

  • FIFA Structure

  • Coach Salary

  • Coach Type

  • UEFA Coaching Licenses

  • Sports Degree

  • Performance Components

  • Where to start?

  • How to Coach: Considering Different Methodologies

  • Tactical Periodization Principles

  • Leadership and Communication

  • Conclusion and References

  • Final Quiz

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Vladimir Kartashov
Vladimir KartashovFootball Coach
Dear football lover, My name is Vladimir and I live in Germany. My way of life and my passion is the wonderful game of Football and the Science behind it. I have degrees in both Computer and Sport Science and try to do my best in order to expand and share my football knowledge with others. Being the owner of the UEFA B License I work as an Academy Coach and Opponent Video Analyst. The main area of interest is to connect Football Game with Science in order to improve the quality of modern approaches in Football Coaching and Development. The courses I've created are based exceptionally on scientific sports knowledge and are considered to be concise and engaging. I hope you find them useful and look forward to meeting you inside one or several of your choice. Cordially yours, Vladimir