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Bass Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Language: English
Bass Guitar Lessons For Beginners

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2 hours 45 minutes

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3 minutes

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Learn To Play The Bass Guitar In Just 30 Minutes Per Week! Practice Videos Included.

Course Overview

  • 1. Welcome to the program

  • 2. Learn the string names, and what all the parts of the bass are called

  • 3. Learn the notes that make up the A section of the song

  • 4. Learn the first bass part for the A section of the song using different note value

  • 5. Learn a part of the melody to connect with your bass part

  • 6. Learn the bass notes for the B section of the song

  • 7. Learn the G major scale

  • 8. Learn how to play the A section melody

  • 9. Learn how to play the B section melody

  • 10. Learn how to play a one octave G major scale on one string

  • 11. Learn how to take your first solo

  • 12. Learn how to connect your bass parts to each section of the song

  • 13. Learn how to put all the bass parts and soloing together.

  • 14. Jam Room - Play with a virtual band

  • 15. Bonus: The Music Coach Duo Series