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Basics of Python in 2 Hours

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Python Basics for Absolute Beginners This course will help you master the basic concepts of Python 3.9.6 within just 2 hours. The Basics of Python course covers, the concepts of Python Programming in 2 hours, and then you'll be creating your own applications, working with coding challenges to excel what you learned.

Why Python? Python is one of the world's top 3 programming languages, and it's the most used language by businesses and enterprises. Python developers make over $150,000+ a year and you can create desktop applications, websites and work with Machine Learning Algorithms with Python. The important thing that makes Python a great programming language is its easy syntax and simplicity. Learning Python is easy if you grasp the basics of the language properly, that's the reason in this course, I teach you the very basics so that you'll have a strong foundation in Python basics before moving on with the language.

Who is this course for? This course is for anyone who wants to get started learning Python Programming and anyone who wants to get a complete idea about the concepts that make up Python Programming language. - Create your first Python Project -Get a complete idea of fundamentals of Python 3 - Get a head-start on Python development - Learn to code Python the correct way - Get an absolute understanding about Python basics

Buy this course today and this is what you'll get - 2 Hours of Explanations + Hands-on Coding to make you understand the basics of Python Programming - Completely understand 14 Python Principles and Concepts - Create 3 Python Projects

Who is Bihan Mahadewa? Bihan Mahadewa is your instructor for this entire course. Bihan runs a successful edTech startup and has been creating online courses for the last 4 years. He has 90K+ students and a 4.4+ star average rating on the instructor profile. Bihan is an individual who is passionate about teaching coding and is also qualified with a degree and a master's in computer science from Westminister University, UK. As an instructor, Bihan's goal is to provide you with the skill that you need to tackle problems and create solutions with technology. Let's get started with this course now...

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Course overview - 26

  • Section 1: Introduction & Getting Started

  • Course Overview

  • Python Setup (Windows)

  • Python Setup (MacOS)

  • Syntax & Semantics

  • First Python Project

  • Section 2: ABCs of Python (In 2 Hours)

  • Variables - Part 1

  • Variables - Part 2

  • Operators

  • Conditions

  • Loops

  • Numbers

  • Strings

  • Lists

  • Tuples

  • Dictionary

  • DateTime()

  • Functions

  • Modules

  • Exceptions

  • Section 3: Projects

  • Calculator Project

  • Rock Paper Scissors Game

  • Section 4: What's Next?

  • Support Files

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