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By Simon Glenister, Musician, Educator

Piano chords confusing? Play songs you like today, using my easy shapes method

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Course description

I'm new to this platform but not new to E-teaching. I've very successfully been enabling thousands and thousands of people to realise their ambition of being able to play the piano easily, quickly and painlessly (with over 10,000 students and 337,000 minutes of tutorials viewed to date on my #1 piano course, on another platform that shall need to remain nameless here :)

If you're looking to be a classical music pianist, you are in the wrong place my friend (that takes years). But, if you want to be able to play pop songs in hours rather than years and you think that learning a couple of simple shapes based rules is easier than spending years learning how to read music - then you are in exactly the right place.

"For years I've been wanting to learn the piano, but always postponed it as it seemed so difficult. Halfway through this course I was already trying all kind of things out on my piano, and was in shock that it all worked out." Gregory, One of our students.

What will I discover in this course?

You will discover how to use simple shapes to memorise hundreds of chords, how to use that information to start playing the songs you want to and where to find the information you need to be playing the songs you want to today. You'll also learn some tricks and tips to take your playing to a level where you will amaze your friends and families - How did you become so good so quickly!

In a short info packed hour long course (no filler) I'll show you how to painlessly remember all of the following:

The ability to play every chord commonly used as the building blocks for pop songs. That includes you knowing how to play all the different flavours of chords How to find the information you need about what chords your favourite pop songs are made up of. How to break down that information so you can work out how to play the songs. How to spice up your playing with tips and tricks that make you sound like a pro - quickly I'll explain what arpeggio’s are and how to use them to make you sound really impressive I'll explain what passing notes are to sound super cool How to use your left hand to make your playing sound more complex and pleasing Just click the link to get started Shapes and patterns are a fun intuitive way, to get people playing confidently quickly. Most of the worlds music doesn't rely on notation and you don't need to either, this course shows you how to avoid the barriers that so often bog people down when they start learning piano - you need to have fun and have quick successes, playing the songs you love. Why did I create a shorter course rather than the ones that have 40 hours of content? Because I wouldn't have the patience to wade through 39 hours of filler material made to pad out a course and make it look more impressive. Why trust me? 4 record deals, 10 years teaching, 5 years of those on the internet (over 9000 students in total) Cambridge University post grad in Education Over 180,000 minutes of tutorials viewed on different platforms It's pretty clear to me what actually works when explaining things to people. However good our intentions, long courses that offer 40 or 80 hours of instruction just gather digital dust, remaining unwatched, however good your intention is to eventually get around to watching. What actually works for most people are short bite sized practical courses, that scaffold knowledge. If you want people to really flourish in their piano playing then you help learners discover for themselves the joy of playing the piano as quickly as possible - learning through playing. The words joy and fun are the most important and motivating when learning! This course is designed to be just long enough to give you exactly the knowledge and confidence beginners need to play what they want to play, yet it is short enough that you can actually complete it (with no filler or rote learning). Just think for a second about actually being able to play the songs you love on the piano after just an hours practical demonstration. How cool would that would be? Thousands of online students have discovered it really is possible, in just one hour, to learn enough to have a lifetime of fun and enjoyment playing the piano. And you can do it using a completely different approach using shapes and patterns rather than notes and theory. "I'm more of a pick up and play sorta guy! This course has literally taken me from knowing a few chords (and not remembering them!) to opening up a whole new world of musical possibilities"  Adam "Making something that appears extremely complicated into something simple and understandable is an art. This course is the first I have ever done that had me hooked from the first minute and Simon is a superb instructor" Gerry Enrol now and get playing!

Related Skills

Course overview - 24

  • Anchoring ourselves: A shortcut to finding the names of the notes

  • Using the anchor to help us find the other notes

  • What a chord is and how to make one

  • Picket fences and triangles...huh?

  • Sad or minor chords

  • Table explaining what's to come

  • Play your first song!

  • Those pesky black notes

  • Sharp and flat chords

  • 7th chords

  • Minor 7th chords

  • Major 7th chords

  • Table of 7th chords

  • Better left hand

  • Arpeggio's

  • Passing notes

  • Run up and run downs

  • Augmented chords

  • Diminished chords

  • Sus chords

  • Using beats and bars to work out when to play chords

  • Putting it all together

  • Chord inversions

  • Here's the complete table and some other resources

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Meet your instructor

Simon Glenister
Simon GlenisterMusician, Educator
I'm a specialist in music technology, a sound engineer and producer as well as educator and musician. I've lectured on this method of teaching at a number of major UK university's, including Cambridge University. I have 20 years experience as a professional touring musician. 4 record contracts, Millions of youtube hits, and appearances at major music festivals around the world. I've recently completed a post grad in Education (Cambridge University) and I have 15 years experience of working with music and young people in very challenging circumstances - I know how to explain this stuff to people so they understand it :) Playing an instrument has so many wonderful plus points. I've helped thousands of people to realise that actually even when they thought they couldn't that they can play an instrument. It's not an impossibility and the benefits of that on peoples sense of self and wellbeing, enjoyment, confidence and identity are enormous - be a musician it's a wonderful world of fun to be a part of.