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By Hussain Mohammed Ashruf, Solutions Architect

Automate WebApp Testing with Selenium WebDriver API (Java)

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This is a short introductory course for manual testing professionals. With minimal Java skills the test script creation process becomes fun. If you are beginning to learn Java Programming; you will be pleased to lookup for my course with keyword core-java-fundamentals and enroll and learn first there, then come back here to enroll and learn. Selenium is a portable framework for automated testing of web applications. Selenium provides a playback tool for authoring functional tests without the need to learn a test scripting language (Selenium IDE). Benefits:    Platform Portability. Testing is a repetitive process. So this course helps automate web app testing.    Language Support. Software is written in a number of languages.    Flexibility.    Open Source Advantage

Requirements    -Understanding of Java Syntax    -Eclipse (download)    -Selenium WebDriver Library (download)    -JDK8 What you'll learn    -How to use Selenium WebDriver for UI functional testing    -Manual TestCase Steps    -Test Script Creation and Execution in Java Programming Language    -DOM and XPATH    -WebDriver Essentials    -Selenium Common Exceptions    -Setup your Eclipse project workspace    -Work with ID, Name, and XPath Selectors

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Course overview - 7

  • Introduction

  • Manual TestCase Steps

  • Test Script Run

  • DOM and XPATH

  • WebDriver Essentials

  • Downloadable Source Codes

  • Quiz

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Hussain Mohammed Ashruf
Hussain Mohammed AshrufSolutions Architect
Hussain is a UG in Computer Science and Engineering, with decade and half years of global experience in writing Java based web applications in reputed IT companies in India, USA and Canada. Currently employed as a full time full stack Web and Database Developer. He takes pride in one on one mentorship. He has been improving his soft-skills, networking and developing leaderships skills. He feels excited to start his journey as an Instructor and share Industry tech-knowledge, skills and experience with the students.