Are you ready to create your first game in Unity? Then you need this course!

By Ekaterina Usova, Game Developer

Language: English

This course is for you

We will start from the very beginning: download and install Unity. We will talk about Unity interface and will create a real game scene! You will learn C# scripting, and no prior programming experience is necessary! We will focus more on creating short and basic scripts that you can use in your projects. By the end of this course, you will be able to create a game and share it with friends and the whole world!  

- only useful information - no coding experience is required - get to know the basics and get inspired!

Course overview - 19

  • Download and install Unity

  • Unity Interface

  • Components

  • Assets for your game

  • 2D Animation in Unity: basics

  • Coding in Unity: Basics

  • Function

  • Variables

  • Create your own function

  • Class

  • Coding your game

  • Character Movement

  • Character Jump

  • Animation from Idle to Run

  • Jump Animation

  • Collectables

  • Counting collectables and displaying score

  • Export your game

  • Thank you!

Meet your instructor

Ekaterina Ekaterina
Ekaterina UsovaGame Developer