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By Curtis Lee, Product Designer

After Effects Tutorial: Create Amazing UI Animations Now!

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Course description

The aim of this class is to introduce both beginners and intermediate designers to Adobe's most popular animation software, After Effects. This course will allow you to see how you can either learn, or build on your existing knowledge of the software, and look at how motion plays a role in UI by working along with me to create a cool animated sequence from scratch. When done correctly, motion in UI can look incredible, and really enhance the design and the way people perceive it. I will be showing you how you can create more dynamic effects with the help of things such as motion blur, offsetting keyframes or basic ease in / ease out options. I'll also walk you through the process of exporting these renders at the highest quality so that you show off your work in style.

Course overview - 13

  • Project resources

  • Overview of After Effects

  • Getting Started

  • Adding the Scroll Effect

  • Enhancing the Animation

  • Creating the Transition 1

  • Creating the Transition 2

  • Creating the Transition 3

  • Finalising the Animation

  • Exporting as MP4

  • Exporting as GIF

  • Recapping & Thoughts

  • Wrapping it Up!

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Curtis Lee
Curtis LeeProduct Designer
Hey, I'm Curtis, a Product Designer who enjoys UI/UX, front-end development, and motion graphics. I love giving back to other designers to help them level-up in their careers.