By Paul Banoub, CEO and Business Executive

Advanced People Management

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Learning Objectives: 1. The advanced aspects of people management & psychology 2. Dealing with awkward and emotional conversations 3. Things to say and not to say to your team 4. Handling team mistakes and crucial conversations

This is about the tough, awkward, emotional conversations that you NEED to have to be an effective leader! This course focuses on all of the aspects of team leading that you may not find in other courses. The tough stuff! The awkward and emotional conversations. The stuff you won't like dealing with, but will have to. I've been managing people for over 20 years and have had to deal with all of these situations. And you will have to as well! You won't see many of these subjects in a lot of other courses!

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Course overview - 12

  • What To Expect & About Me

  • Management Vs. Coaching

  • What Is Culture?

  • Culture of Fairness

  • Welcoming New Starters

  • Mastering Performance Evaluations

  • How To Be A Great Listener

  • Stupid Things NOT To Say To Your Team

  • Your Team Made A Mistake

  • Mastering Crucial Conversations

  • When to Fire Someone

  • Quiz

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Paul Banoub
Paul BanoubCEO and Business Executive
IT Director with almost 20 years across global financial institutions. Experienced in managing global teams in high-pressure environments as well as defining analytics strategy & tooling for cross-functional stakeholders as well as many other programmes with CTOs & CDOs. Passionate about great technology, end-user experience & delivering scalable services in massive enterprises. Speaker, blogger & tech communicator.