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By Billijs Cirvelis, Multimedia Designer & Photographer

Adobe Photoshop 2021 — Learn Photo Manipulation (for Beginners)

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Course description

Learn amazing Photoshop tricks even if you are a beginner who is just starting out! Adobe Photoshop is great if not the best image editing software that is available to do photo manipulations. In this online course, you will learn useful techniques and tools for creating interesting image effects and will also learn about layers and masks which can be used to combine many pictures together and are essential for Photoshop manipulations. In this online course, you will learn advanced techniques for creating awesome photo effects, but also some basics which will be helpful for you to start creating various kinds of effects. Some of them are on how to:

  • Remove or change the background of a photo
  • Make objects glow
  • Remove unnecessary objects from a picture
  • Combine different pictures into one
  • Do a double exposure effect
  • Use masks
  • Use layers
  • etc.

This course is primarily for beginners, so the course is made with an introduction to the Adobe Photoshop tools, layers, and masks and after that, we move on with some more advanced techniques for creating the photo manipulations. This course is perfect for beginners who want to start making amazing photo manipulations without spending hours learning about every tool and aspect of Adobe Photoshop. It is also very useful for people who already use Photoshop 2021 / 2020 / CC, but would like to learn making specific effects, like:

  • The double exposure effect
  • A glowing neon social media icon
  • Glitch effect (great for creating amazing portraits)
  • 3D Pop-out from screen effect

Enroll in the course now and enjoy the power of knowing how to create stunning pictures!

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