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By Nicolas Forgue, Graphic Designer

Adobe Animate the complete course 2D animation

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Course description

Adobe animate Adobe animate is software for design vector drawings and create animations. Animating with Animate has never been so amazing. Animate has two distinct parts, a design part with the creation of shapes, scenes or characters with the different tools, and an animation part with a timeline, where it is possible to manage frames per second and much more. It is a very ergonomic software which allows to make simple animations for presentations, or for social networks, but which also allows to make much more advanced animations with the creation of characters and puppets. Description of the course In this course you will learn how to use Adobe Animate from scratch. We will work in a learning logic, namely the discovery of the dashboard, to then work on the design part. The different tools will be seen in detail for the design. Once this big part is designed, we will work on a big animation part. We will thus see how to use the timeline with the images, and to realize animations with several examples. At the end of the training, a great project with the creation of a simple character step by step, and with the an animation of this character in a scene.

Course overview - 61

  • Start with dashboard

  • Edit toolbar

  • Create new document

  • Save and export

  • Navigation on document

  • Manage selections

  • Create rectangles

  • Create ellipses

  • Create polygons

  • Create lines

  • Use pen

  • Edit anchor points

  • Edit shapes

  • Difference objects and beark apart

  • Objects transformation

  • Element transformations

  • Use brushes

  • Erase elements

  • Add text

  • 3D rotation

  • 3D translation

  • Manage colors

  • Add gradients

  • Edit strokes

  • Use grid

  • Add guides

  • Manage alignments

  • Manage distribution

  • Layers part 1

  • Layers part 2

  • Symbols part 1

  • Symbols part 2

  • Symbols part 3

  • Basics to start animations

  • Edit keyframes

  • Play animation

  • Classic tween

  • Improve classic tween

  • Motion tween

  • Improve motion tween

  • Add filters

  • Color effects

  • Parenting

  • Add camera

  • Layer depth

  • Ball bounces part 1

  • Ball bounces part 2

  • Project character create head

  • Project character create body

  • Project character create arms

  • Project character create legs

  • Project character change transformation points

  • Project character add parenting

  • Project character import image

  • Project character create animation part 1

  • Project character create animation part 2

  • Project character change speed

  • Project character add ball part 1

  • Project character add ball part 2

  • Project character add snake

  • Project character export animation

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Nicolas Forgue
Nicolas ForgueGraphic Designer
Hello everyone and welcome to my profile, my name is Nicolas. With my experience and skills, I offer training in several areas. I'm a graphic designer, work also on 3D modeling and animation.I share these skills with everyone who wants to learn.  Feel free to participate in my classes.

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