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By Sonam jatav, teacher

Acrylic Painting : Painting a Moose with Acrylics - Complete Guide

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What you will learn

  • This class is right for you if you want experience painting more types of animals. The key is to have an open mind and understand that patience and practice make progress.
  •  Even as a teacher, I learn new things every time I paint. It’s all about exploring and having fun.
  •  Once you practice this, you’ll be able to make these techniques your own and bring them over to your future creations with more confidence, which means more fun! So, are you ready to take flight? Let’s go!
  • In this class, we’re going to paint a Moose in acrylic paint! You’ll learn how to create a starry background, the form of this beautiful animal, and the impressive textures and patterns in its markings.

Course description

My name is Sonam Jatav.  I’m an artist and instructor but what I really do is help people gain creative confidence.  I love painting animals, and the more experience we have with different types of animals, the more we understand them and can adapt them to future paintings. In the lessons, we’ll cover materials, mixing, brushwork, form, contour, contrast, texture, loosening up, layering, and creating details. Every move I make is explained in the class and you can follow along at your own pace.let's get started


  • : Canvas: 8" x 10" Acrylic Paint: 
  • 1) Burnt Sienna
  •  2) Raw Sienna 
  • 3) Yellow Ochre 
  • 4) Phthalocyanine Blue 
  • 5) Black 
  • 6) White 
  • Brushes: 
  • 1) Small round brush 
  • 2) Small flat brush 
  • 3) Medium flat brush
  •  4) Large flat brush (optional) Other: Cup of water Paper towel or cloth 4H graphite pencil Eraser

Course overview - 6

  • Drawing Moose for painting

  • Painting Background behind Moose

  • Enjoy Painting Moose part 1

  • Enjoy Painting Moose part 2

  • Main Touch Ups

  • Finalising the class

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