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By RUTVIK PATEL, Interior Designer

Achromatic Bookmarks Using Poster Colors - Learn to Paint Five Easy Bookmarks

A fun an easy class to make simple and elegant hand painted bookmarks using poster colors. Using minimum art supplies and easy painting techniques.
Language: English
Level: Beginner

What you will learn

  • Topics that we are going to learn in this class : 
  • Details about all the art supplies that we are going to use 
  • How to use black and white color together 
  • How to tape your watercolor paper from the sides 
  • How to paint a gradient background 
  • How to paint elements in contrast with the background 
  • How to remove your side tape carefully 

Course description

Hello dear students, you are most welcome to my new class - Achromatic Bookmarks Using Poster Colors - Learn to Paint Five Easy Bookmarks Painting achromatic bookmarks using the medium of poster colors is really a great experience. In this class we are going to learn how to paint five beautiful achromatic bookmarks with easy and simple painting techniques using poster colors. The class is absolutely beginner friendly and will encourage you to indulge in art even more. 


  • All the five bookmarks are easy, simple and elegant to create and it won't take more the 10-20 minutes to paint. So you can paint according to your time convenience. I am super excited to share this class with all of you, so without any delay grab your art supplies and join me. Happy Painting. 
  • Art Supplies you will need : 
  • Canson watercolor paper 140 lb,  
  • Artist grade poster colors ( you can use any other good alternative as well ) 
  • A pair of scissor 1" masking tape Brushes -  round brush size - 1, flat brush size 1"  
  • One ceramic cup for water  
  • Paper towel for dabbing your brushes 
  • A palette to mix your paints 
  • Black marker and white pen 

Course overview - 7

  • Art Supplies

  • Lets Tape the Paper

  • Bookmark 1 - The House

  • Bookmark 2 - Elegant Hill

  • Bookmark 3 - Dense Forest

  • Bookmark 4 - Moonlight on Mountain

  • Bookmark 5 - River With Hills

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Meet your instructor

RUTVIK PATELInterior Designer
Hi, myself Rutvik Patel I am self taught artist and a professional interior designer. I believe that art is so pure and natural that it can also be a career that you can dive into. I am here to share all my knowledge that with all of you. And I welcome you all to join the creative journey with me.