Abstract Portraits - Drawing Photos into Masterpieces

By Lark Aakarshan, Brand & UI UX Consultant, Artist & Mentalist

Language: English

This course is for you

Unleash a new illustration style and create a character portrait you'll fall in love with!

Lark Aakarshan, digital artist, magician, designer and creative entrepreneur shares his personal process for creating colourful, stylised portraits in his signature character illustration style. From first sketch to final colour, you’ll learn how to use a photo as your foundation for your portraiture process, giving you the freedom to flex your creativity and experiment with a whole new illustration style.

His inviting, step-by-step lessons include:

Choosing a great reference photo.

Creating a Skeleton Sketch.

Laying Foundations with Base Colours.

Abstracting Highlights and Shadows.

Building Finer Details.


Manipulating Texturing.

Whether you’re an accomplished artist looking for an exercise to challenge yourself or just joining the world of digital illustration, this class will provide you with simple, effective techniques that you’ll return to again and again.

When you’re done, you’ll have a stylised portrait of you or someone you love, perfect to give as a gift or hang as a custom art piece!

I cant wait to see what you will create. So let's begin.

Course overview - 9

  • Introduction to the Course

  • Base Photo

  • Composing Canvas

  • Primary Skeleton

  • Base Palette

  • Building Effects

  • Refining and Detailing

  • Texture Mapping

  • Bonus Lesson

Reviews | 4.7