By Dylan Bowes, Music Producer + Songwriter

Ableton Live for Beginners

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This course is a comprehensive guide to Ableton Live. By the end of this course you will be able to produce, arrange, mix, and master your own music using Ableton Live. I created this course because of a feeling. You probably know the feeling. It's the feeling you get when you start something new. It's unexplored territory. It's exciting but frightening. It's promising but humbling. I love that feeling but it can be overwhelming to start something new. That's why I created this course. I want to teach you the essential foundations of music production in Ableton Live so that you can be encouraged and have fun making music. Using 89 video lectures (that's almost 6 hours of content) I will teach you everything you need to know about Ableton Live. I will walk you through all aspects of the software, carefully explaining each knob, slider, and button. Whether you've just unboxed the software or you've spent some time with it, I believe your productions will be improved by this thorough and fun course on Ableton Live. Don't miss out on all the extra resources too including articles that helped me learn, free plugins, my own custom racks and presets, and more. I learned a lot making this beast and I am confident that you will learn a lot as well! Please consider signing up for the course--we would love to have you join us!

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Course overview - 88

  • Info View

  • User Interface Overview

  • Session View vs. Arrangement View

  • Key Commands

  • Creating Templates

  • Moving Around

  • A Few More Preferences

  • Collections

  • Detour: Computer MIDI Keyboard

  • User Library

  • Importing Clips & Samples (Part 1)

  • Importing Clips & Samples (Part 2)

  • Audio vs. MIDI

  • Ableton Packs

  • Building a Song with Packs

  • Building a Song with Packs (extra)

  • Detour: Drum Rack

  • Introduction to MIDI

  • MIDI - Notes

  • MIDI - Time

  • MIDI - Velocity

  • Creating MIDI Clips

  • Recording MIDI

  • MIDI Quantization

  • MIDI - Clip View

  • MIDI Envelopes

  • Detour: Programming MIDI Drums

  • Introduction to Audio

  • Audio vs. MIDI - The Main Difference

  • Audio - Clip View

  • Audio - Start, End, & Loop

  • Warping

  • Warp Modes

  • Warp Modes - a Deeper Dive

  • Editing Audio Regions

  • Fades

  • Recording Audio

  • Audio - Timing

  • Audio - Envelopes

  • Detour: Even More Audio Editing Fun

  • Halftime Show

  • Categories

  • Detour: Record Multiple Takes with Loop

  • Audio Effects Overview

  • Device General Parameters

  • MIDI Effects

  • Places & Search

  • Introduction to Mixing

  • Avoiding Clipping

  • Introduction to Equalization (EQ)

  • Using the EQ8

  • Detour:

  • Compression

  • Reverb

  • Delay

  • Return Tracks

  • Detour: Groove & Swing

  • Organizing Tracks

  • Exporting Tracks as Stems

  • Importing Stems

  • Creating Locators

  • My Mixing Philosophy

  • Arrangement, Organization, & Silence

  • Gain Staging

  • Getting a Static Mix

  • Panning

  • Detour: Audio Effect Rack

  • Equalization to Blend Frequencies

  • Using a Reference Track

  • Compression to Balance Dynamics

  • Getting a Dynamic Mix

  • Parallel Compression

  • Sidechain Compression

  • Automation

  • Automation - Details

  • Creating Automation Envelopes

  • Exporting Your Mix for Mastering

  • What is Mastering?

  • LUFS Metering

  • Limiter

  • Mid-Side EQ

  • Subtractive EQ

  • Glue Compressor

  • Multiband Compressor

  • Additive EQ

  • Detour: Mastering Extra Credit

  • Exporting the Master

  • Thank You & Next Steps

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Dylan Bowes
Dylan BowesMusic Producer + Songwriter
Dylan is a producer, songwriter, & music educator in Los Angeles. He has written and produced for artists across pop, R&B, hip hop, and alternative genres. His remix EP recently debuted #1 on iTunes Australia. He has composed music for top-tier commercial clients including Nike, Sound Images, and many marketing agencies. He has taught music production and mixing techniques for more than six years to over 18,000 students worldwide.