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A playful intro to React

Language: English
A playful intro to ReactA playful intro to React

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50 minutes

of video/audio content

2 minutes

of reading content

Do you want to learn React the fun way? In this class, you will learn the key concepts of React while building a Tic Tac Toe game.

While building a game we dive into the fundamentals of React like:

  • How to break down your application or game into smaller pieces, into components?
  • How to structure your logic and how to connect these components with props and callbacks?
  • How to deal with change, what is the state, what to store in it, and where to define it?
  • How to add interaction and how does re-rendering work in React?
  • And as a bonus we are also going to learn how to draw some basic images by coding SVGs

This is an intro course, no prior React knowledge is required, but some HTML, CSS, and basic Javascript skills are necessary.

Course Overview

  • 1. Breaking down the game into components

  • 2. Writing our first components

  • 3. The Grid

  • 4. Which square is which?

  • 5. The changing parts

  • 6. First attempt to add a state

  • 7. The lifecycle of a component

  • 8. Circles and Crosses

  • 9. Interaction

  • 10. Detecting the winner

  • 11. And the winner is ...

  • 12. Conclusions