A brief introduction to Constitutions

By Yannis Sygkelos, Lecturer and author in politics, history and law

Language: English
A brief introduction to Constitutions

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Content of this course: it defines what a constitution is and analyses several categories of constitutions (codified/uncodified; rigid/flexible; monarchical/republican; unitary/federal; political/legal; uni/bicameral; parliamentary/presidential; monist/dualist)

Target audience: university students of constitutional/public law; university students of political science; A level or IB students; early-career journalists; the wider public

Course overview - 2

  • A brief introduction to constitutions: lesson 1

  • A brief introduction to constitutions: lesson 2

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Yannis SygkelosLecturer and author in politics, history and law
I am lecturing in politics, history and law. I have also, independently, been conducting research, and have published a manuscript and a set of book chapters and articles in top publishing houses and academic journals, such as BRILL, Routledge, Taylor & Francis, and Sage. I teach nationalism; political ideologies; political science; politics and policies of the EU; public law; human rights; modern European history; research methods; essay writing; personal development; and modern Greek for foreigners. By virtue of my long-standing academic and research experience, I have honed and developed my skills in teaching in higher education; coordinated research; supervised dissertations; developed curriculum; authored course books and academic material; and monitored classes. In addition, I have conducted qualitative research; researched in archives and records; honed my (intercultural) communication skills; and developed IT skills (Word, Excel, Power Point, and Internet).