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7 Reasons your IT or other projects may fail

By Wolf Matejek, Business Coach & Trainer

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Project Management can be a challenging undertaking. It requires planning and control skills to keep any project on plan, on target and on budget. But, even with all this planning there is always a chance that things will turn out differently. This class cannot turn you into a project manager per se, but will teach you how you can assess your project plan to see where there may be some potential issues along the way. As a project manager you cannot afford to be failing to spot signs of potential failures. Even worse, ignoring those issues can be detrimental not only to your project success but also your career. In this class, not only will I teach you what to look out for but I will go as far as teaching you the steps you can take to counteract such potential problems and to bring your project back on track. Projects have a tendency to go wrong somewhere along the way, even if you think it may not... You will learn 7 potential issues which may be affecting your project, such as:

  • Poor project management and lack of direction given to the stakeholders and project team members
  • Releasing insufficient communication
  • Lacking in the provision of change, risk, financial and performance management
  • Failing to align with constituents and important stakeholders
  • Ineffectively involving executive management in the project
  • Working with a project team which lacks the skills, knowledge and experience required to support your project
  • Running a project without any project methodology and suitable support tools
  • PLUS - 11 basic project assessments you can take to analyse potential shortcomings in your project planning

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Course overview - 10

  • Introduction to the course

  • Poor planning and direction

  • Insufficient communication

  • Lack of change, risk, financial and perfomance management

  • Failure to align with constituents and stakeholders

  • Ineffective involvement of executive management

  • Lack of skilled team members

  • Poor or missing methodology tools

  • Basic project assessments

  • Course summary

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Wolf Wolf
Wolf MatejekBusiness Coach & Trainer
I am a Business Change Consultant, coaching, and training clients from all over the world. Now, in the days of Corona, and the many travel restrictions imposed worldwide, I want to continue supporting clients and businesses where there is a need for change. But instead of providing my services at client locations, I now provide laser coaching services virtually via the internet, utilizing Zoom and Teleconferencing. Not only does this work out a lot cheaper for my clients, but offering my support during the laser coaching sessions also saves a lot of time on both sides.

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