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5 Day Challenge - Organize Your Life

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5 Day Challenge - Organize Your Life

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In this class, we'll go through a 5-day challenge, that will help you to maintain your life organized. Starting with physical organization, moving to digital minimalism, then learning how to plan your days to avoid the constant business that will not move you forward, next we'll cover how creating procedures can help you maintain things organized for longer periods, and finally, how decluttering can make your life simpler, joyful and more functional.

The great thing about the organization is that it plays an important role in many different fields of your life.
First, it helps you to increase your productivity, because you don't have to deal with all the mess around, and can finally focus on your main priorities. Then, it gives you more time to improve your relationships and work on your skills, because you will have a routine that sustains good habits and behaviors. And finally, but not less important, you will feel liberated. You'll gain a sense of clarity and peace that will help you make better decisions.

I'm really excited to have you here, and I see you inside!

Course Overview

  • 1. Introduction

  • 2. Day 1

  • 3. Day 2

  • 4. Day 3

  • 5. Day 4

  • 6. Day 5

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