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By Milan Glozic, Art teacher

3 easy and creative steps to start drawing portraits TODAY!

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Hello creative people, Whether I make drawings for clients, or for personal projects I always try to make my work efficient and the final result a great looking drawing. How do I do it? With lots and lots of practice done beforehand. In this class, you'll go behind-the-scenes as I share my process of figure drawing and portraits. From introducing you to 3 basic principles of sketching portraits to hand postures and finally the actual drawing, I’ll provide you with helpful tips for better understanding of shapes and lines. All for one purpose – to get better at your craft of line making and making portraits.   So, keep on sketching and... Create a strong foundation for your drawing process and from there make art that your friends and family would love to see on their walls. Gather up materials such as pencils and sketchbooks. Set up your workplace and start drawing. Make simple exercises described in the videos. Experiment with different views. See how the individual forms fit into a whole shape. Use simple lines to describe these shapes. Start making drawings with confidence of a professional draughtsman. Creating something out of nothing is a very satisfying and in time you’ll achieve more and more confidence in your artistic process. In this course we’ll cover much of drawing portraits and split it up to easy to follow steps that can only benefit your drawing skills for graphic design and illustration.

Course overview - 13

  • Class material

  • The Loomis method

  • Drawing the head with Loomis method

  • Add different angles to your drawing

  • Let's talk about the human skull

  • Main bones of the skull

  • Features of the face - nose and mouth

  • Features of the face - eyes and ears

  • Drawing demo

  • Class overview and your project

  • Bonus video - part one

  • Bonus video - part 2

  • Class resources

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Milan Glozic
Milan GlozicArt teacher
Hello everyone, I'm an art teacher, illustartor and a painter based in Serbia.  From an very early age I got interested in drawing, painting and inventing games that I could than play with my brother and sister. I graduated on University of Fine and Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2003 after which I started working as an art teacher. Currently, I work in two schools in Serbia and loving each moment spent sharing with others what I learned over the years. Artworks that I create are predominantly made in traditonal mediums, but in the past 10 years more and more of them are created digitally using software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, Sketchbook Pro and Clip Studio Paint.  As an artist, I had solo and group shows in Belgrade at Progress Gallery, National Gallery in Pozarevac, "In the face labyrinth" exhibition in Amsterdam at Arps and Co Gallery and many more. Also, I'm a top level designer at 99Design platform where I made various book cover and illustrations for publishers and clients across the world. I have a great passion for teaching, sharing my knowledge with creative people willing to learn more about drawing, painting and art in general. So, if you're interested in that, see you in the class. :)