21 Days to Authentic Feminine Power - Abuse recovery

By Katrina Zawawi, Autism/Asperger's & Yoga/Meditation coach.

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This course is for you

This course is for you if:

You are a woman who has been in a challenging relationship

You are a woman in a challenging relationship

You are a woman from a background where self-love was not practiced

You are a woman who feels doubtful over her own strengths and abilities

You are a woman who struggles with food addiction

You are a woman who has problems with maintaining weight

You are a woman who constantly people pleases (Putting others before yourself all the time)

This course aims to guide you as a woman who has felt broken to a woman who knows her authentic inner feminine power, and stands firmly and confidently in life as her own Goddess.  As ladies we shine in ways that we don't give ourselves credit for.  The social and media world we live in is full of reasons why we are not enough.  The truth is, we are perfect already.

Having come from a challenging relationship, I was made to feel inadequate and lacked confidence in my own abilities in day-to-day living.  It has taken me years to get to a point now where I am more than OK with myself.  In fact today, I love myself thoroughly.

Yoga, Meditation and Chi Kung along with healthy eating and time in nature have all played their part in the cure; however, journaling and trying to find ways to emotionally connect with myself through the practices mentioned is what has helped me most.  I will therefore use strategies and techniques that have helped me to get to where I am now in just 21 days.

So, this course is a 21-day course to recover your life after you have felt broken, or maybe lacked the confidence in you should have in yourself.

I will walk you through each day to finding acceptance and removing judgement of others and yourself.  You will need a journal, as this course involves a lot of writing and reflection.

Every day there will be a yoga practice and dietary advice to help you gain strength from whole, healthy foods.  You will learn to see food as an energy source instead of a crutch.  You will learn meditation techniques to bring you closer to your own inner wisdom.  Each day you will practice your gratitude mantra and you will learn to feel comfortable with yourself.

Having some time in nature and amongst others who feed you positive energy will strengthen your development.

This course aims to be nurturing first of all, building, challenging, bring about an emotional awareness, a sense of gratitude, self-love and self-care.

At the end of the course, you will gain confidence in your self, feel your feminine power shine through in what you do, in the choices you make and in future relationships.  It is about dropping habits we make that attract negative thought patterns, which in turn create negative choices for us.

It is time to shine, be true to yourself and step forward into a new you.  If any of this resonates well with you, then you are meant to do this course.

Hope to see you on the other side! Namaste.

Katrina Zawawi

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Meet your instructor

Katrina Katrina
Katrina ZawawiAutism/Asperger's & Yoga/Meditation coach.
My name is Katrina. I have lived studied and worked in the UK for 20 years. I used to be a college lecturer, specialised in adult Autism. I am now back on my home territory of Malaysian Borneo, where I run and own a stress management centre, called 'Whole Life Stress Management'. The aim of my centre is to help people gain better health and control over their lives. At my studio I help individuals on a 121 basis get control over their challenges. This could be helping people manage their weight, conquer physical pain, anxiety and depression. I have an MA in adult autism, that relates to anxiety, and I have also derived a course particularly for that in mind. Through experience, I have found most people's problems relate to the stress they endure in this modern world we live in. I have therefore decided to create courses of what I do at my centre, online so that it is opened to the rest of the world to access. My courses concentrate on approaching health, wellness, weight loss and youthfulness as well as conquering one's own authenticity and gaining independence through the art of stress management. It's all about conquering challenging emotions before considering food and lifestyle choices. It's a different approach to mental and physical health that deals with our challenges with kindness, love and patience. My consultations are for: Adult High Functioning Autism - Work/Life Strategies and Stress Management For others: Kundalini Yoga Sessions (As part of the consultation) Meditation Stress Management strategies Healthy Eating for weight loss How to lose weight intuitively I am now in the UK.  I help people heal through chakra clearing Kundalini yoga, particularly if you have suffered from trauma of some sort.