By Lindsey Dinneen, Entrepreneur, Coach, Professional Dancer & Teacher

21-Day Mindset Detox Challenge

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Course description

My name is Lindsey Dinneen, and I am passionate about helping people live their most inspired, empowered lives through incorporating meditation, movement, and mantras into their daily routines. The 21 Day Mindset Detox Challenge is designed to assist people in detoxing their minds and powering up their bodies. The course contains daily 10-15 minute videos that address challenging topics such as Boundaries, Fear, Anxiety, Toxic People/Relationships, Jealousy, Regrets, and more, while doing stretching exercises to nurture the mind/body connection. The course also includes topical written daily reflections, reminders for the daily challenges, and Dig Deeper resources for further exploration on many of the topics.

Living Your Most Empowered Life

I feel better now than I ever have before. I have unlocked secrets to detoxing from negative influences while connecting with my body that I will directly share with you in this course. Since I believe so strongly in the positive effects of combining mental work with physical work, I put the two together to make you the first-ever program that gives you the benefits of doing 30 minutes of stretching AND the benefits of a 30-minute meditation/mindset routine--in 15 minutes--or less (this course is a multi-tasker's dream).

Here's what you'll get in this 21 Day Mindset Detox Challenge Course:

- 21 Days of energizing, guided stretching and mindset routines, with a different detoxing and empowering focus each day. - 21 Daily Challenges to encourage an immediate, practical application of our daily topics! - Body strengthening to keep you more injury-free and strong--great for any age! - 21 Daily Inspirations to keep you motivated and gain the next-level confidence it takes to become even more fiercely YOU. - All 21 routines and bonus materials are yours to keep and return to anytime you want.

Completed the course, you'll have lifetime access to revisit your favorite classes or inspirations anytime you want to!

Who should take this course?

  • People who want to purposefully work on their mindset with guided direction.
  • People who want to transform their lives into the most empowered and successful they can be.
  • People who can move and stretch at a beginning level.
  • People who would like a strong role model for mindset, fitness, inspiration, and healthy lifestyle.
  • People who want to completely detox their minds and lives along with powering up their bodies.

Course overview - 25

  • Introduction

  • Day 1: Family and Friendships

  • Day 2: Identity

  • Day 3: Regrets

  • Day 4: Guilt & Past-Shaming

  • Day 5: Re-framing Bills

  • Day 6: Assumptions

  • Day 7: Growth Mindset

  • Day 8: Jealousy

  • Day 9: Anxiety

  • Day 10: Fear

  • Day 11: Success

  • Mid-Challenge Check-In!

  • Day 12: Toxic People & Relationships

  • Day 13: Body Image

  • Day 14: Nutrition

  • Day 15: Taking Things Personally

  • Day 16: Resentment

  • Day 17: Pristine Words

  • Day 18: Finding the Good

  • Day 19: Wealth

  • Day 20: Boundaries

  • Day 21: Win/Win

  • Conclusion

  • Bonus: Always Do Your Best

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Lindsey Dinneen
Lindsey DinneenEntrepreneur, Coach, Professional Dancer & Teacher
Lindsey Dinneen is an entrepreneur, life and business coach, and teacher. She founded and owns VidaDance Studio in Leawood, Kansas, founded and is the Artistic Director of VidaDance (a professional dance company), is a lifestyle coach with Life, But Better, and a business coach with Actalyst. She is a ballet expert for Nike's Livestrong and filmed the how-to video series "Dance & Conditioning." VidaDance has performed all across the greater Kansas City metro area and St. Louis, and has won "Best of Festival" at the Kansas City Fringe Festival in 2018 & 2019, as well as "Best of Venue" in 2016 & 2018.  She graduated from Mercyhurst University with a B.A. in Dance, and has performed professionally for over eight years. In her business career, she has worked in multiple industries as Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Office & Human Resources Manager, Bed & Breakfast Manager, Retail Manager, and in customer service roles. Her background is rock-solid with a 360 degree view of business creation, management, and growth. She has been featured for small business advice in such blogs and publications as Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, IdeaMensch, Nav Small Business Blog, Startup League, Startup Nation, Fit Small Business, and more. Most recently, she was featured in the print versions of Fortune, Entrepreneur, and Real Simple magazines for their Leading Women in Business series in December 2019. Lindsey loves dogs, coffee shops, friends, and art.