By Lucy Kovalova-Woods, Strategic Business and Career Development

11 Productivity Hacks to Work from Home

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11 Useful Productivity Hacks to Work from Home is a must-have course. There is nothing like it, guaranteed.

If you are REALLY serious about FINALLY taking charge so you can build more security for your family, then this is the one course for you. This is the time. Where you right now feel as though you are in an endless circle like water in the drain.

Remember the classic movie "Joe versus the Volcano” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? The doctor tells him he is dying. Yep! Of a brain freeze.   He is worn down. Have you been that way too? Life doesn’t look like it is in color? Every step feels like three steps back?

Well, the time is right for you to work with Lucy remotely, starting with this short course. We aren’t talking about a course where we tell you what to do. We’ve worked on these systems for years with our executive coaching clients. There are people who look successful but are always going against the tide. Life doesn’t have to be this hard.

Listen, Lucy only works with a small group of selected people several times a year. Over the years, these people have become friends who have turned their lives around. As a grandmother and a mother of five, she makes the time to do the things that matter most. Right now, that means helping you in the next 30 days to live your life out loud with this amazing course.

Yes, I mean YOU! You’ll be energized. Passionate. Your family and co-workers will see you as a leader who has grown from the inside out.

Let’s be honest. Where are the goals you set in January? How many did you accomplish? Did you see the results you expected? Well... half of the year is gone, let's make the second half better! Lucy will help you find that lost spark that ignites the leader inside you. The spark that makes you shine. In this economy, you have to find your edge. Lucy’s secrets have given tools to at-home workers, freelancers, or people who want to make their dreams of freedom from fear to a life they didn’t imagine.

Imagine you are not dreaming. Imagine you are no longer afraid of missing the car and rent payments. You live as you always envisioned, and it is not a Hollywood movie, it is you. You can & You will.

Lucy is bringing closer to you her respected peak performance system that has changed lives. Her compassionate and friendly voice will push you when you thought you couldn’t find more energy. No more complaining about missed opportunities. Forget about 'could have been'. 'Should have been'. 'Would have been'.

Become more balanced at home and work. Feel good about yourself and your relationship again … like the first time. Tomorrow is here. Let’s go!

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Lucy Kovalova-Woods
Lucy Kovalova-WoodsStrategic Business and Career Development
Strategy Development Professional, consultant & mentor for StartUps, SME, and solo-preneurs, as well as individuals who seek change and need some boost!   5 words: 'Strategic Business & Career Development' - I am here to help with a business start, career transition, reorganization, optimization, productivity & peak performance systems and more. Got a dream? Need a change? - let me help you make it work for you! Over six years I've been working as an external consultant and coach, since February 2019 my clientele base is covering all continents. Proud to be global! 20-years of business experience: strategy, business development, and career coach for women, - . is my ground base to deliver results. Published Author: 'Get Your Career Started- a guidebook for graduate students', 'Career Change- Reimagining Your Career at Any Age' for Bookboon; ‘StartUp Handbook – from the idea to business’, 'Remote & Freelance Job Market of 22nd century' available on Amazon, and more.