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By Bob Chappell, Teacher

'Greensleeves' Creative Piano Lesson Course

Language: English
All Levels

Course description

The 'Greensleeves' series of creative piano lesson aims to get an arrangement of this beautiful, well-known piece into your repertoire efficiently and easily.

A few things make 'Greensleeves' a great candidate for a creative piano lesson course.

  • It's a beautiful, well-known melody,
  • There are actually only seven different bars of music in the whole piece, and
  • Practically all the notes can be found using a simple hand position anyone can grasp.

You don't even have to be able to read music to learn to play an arrangement of this tune you can be proud of.

Each lesson builds on the previous one, and you come away with a complete lesson performance, every time!

Along the way, you learn a balanced collection of practical music theory, and lots of arranging tips you can apply to any melody.

'Messing about at the piano' with a tune you know 'inside out' is one of the great joys of the musical life. Watch the introductory video, and see how the Greensleeves creative piano lessons course is the place to start!

Related Skills

Course overview - 10

  • Greensleeves Lesson One: The Melody

  • Greensleeves Lesson Two: Adding the Chords

  • Interlude: Greensleeves and the Basic Music-making Position

  • Greensleeves Lesson Three: Broken Chords (1)

  • Greensleeves Lesson Four: Broken Chords (2)

  • Greensleeves Lesson Five: Syncopation

  • Greensleeves Lesson Six: New Chords

  • Greensleeves Lesson Seven: Harmonising a Bass Line

  • Greensleeves Lesson Eight: The Concert Variations

  • Greensleeves - Collected scrolling MS videos

Meet your instructor

Bob Chappell (aka Mister Musicarta) has been "messing round with chords" since he got turfed off the school piano for playing four-handed boogie with a pal. A lifetime musician, playing for functions and ballet classes around the world and in every modern style under the sun, Bob now teaches and plays in Cape Town, South Africa. Years of teaching a creative curriculum called 'composing at the keyboard' have been honed down to what works best to free that musician within, underpin steady progress, and cultivate the pleasures of a musical life. Looking forward to seeing you on the courses!